Mabuka is my hero

Justine Mabuka’s story appeared in the news in April (1st). He was freed from Naivasha prison where he had been serving a seven year jail term for burglary. Thanks to A- grade that he scored in KCSE he became a free man.

 Bravo Justine for your good job! The fact that you studied under the most challenging conditions in Kenya makes you my hero. You have sent an important message out there – that failure is just but success turned inside out.

I am even glad that a certain organization has promised to assist you attain your college education. Being the hero that you are, the government should consider giving you a scholarship. You have proved that with proper reform in our jails, the inmates can still retrace their tracks in life.


You are an intelligent, brave and determined person. I should invite you to talk to a bunch of young people I know who are about to jettison their determination away just because they are encountering a few obstacles on their path to success.

Your good performance while in prison is commendable owing to the pathetic conditions in there which are not conducive for learning.You must have relied heavily on your colleagues and a few dog-eared books. You must have been determined – very much determined since anyone else facing such a long sentence would not have seen the need to hope for pursuing his life-long dream again.

I therefore salute you young man. Yours is an inspirational story. You have made the point clear – that one is not supposed to quit easily however thick the situation may become. That sometimes when things get harder and thicker, success is always around the corner peeping patiently.

Nothing good comes from prison these days. I still remember the sickening clip that came from Naivasha… but at least your performance has sent a clear message out there. Those jails should be correctional institutes and not torture centers.

As bees make honey from thyme – the driest of herbs, you turned your challenges into an opportunity. I therefore trust that you will maintain the same driving force, the same spark, the same determination that put on the plate your fine grades. I have no doubt that you will apply yourself to hard work in your future studies and that success will always follow you.

Your achievement has motivated me. You see, I am certainly luckier. The facilities at our college are state-of-the art. But I must also admit that these things are like good health. Sometimes you have to fall sick to value its importance.

Thanks for inspiring me and other readers. I will take advantage of the resources at my disposal and work hard!

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One Comment on “Mabuka is my hero”

  1. The story of justin Mabuka is really an inspiration to us young people. The fact that Mabuka made in Naivasha maximum prison shows that it takes more than sacrifice to be succesful in life.His story reminds me of my days in high school and the way i was locked behind the bars until finally i made to an International University.Everything in this life happens with a purpose.

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