Faith Matters

In search of spiritual nourishment, I attend a church service in Kawangware. It is a new experience. Here is a part of the soft underbelly of Nairobi.

They call it Christ’s Charismatic Church – CCC. That reminded me of another church my friend Mack and I came across in the village. It was called Christ’s Tabernacle International Center.

Don’t forget that it was in the heart of the village  – a dilapidated grass-thatched building with a handful of villagers as its members. Nothing international about it.

But I loved CCC. They are decent – though planted right into the poverty stricken part of Kawangware. They play good music too.

The sermon was uplifting too. That Sunday, the message was about accomplishing great things by faith – or simply kuzaa (giving birth as the pastor put it).

 So he narrated to us all the stories of men and women who had given birth to greater things in the bible and requested us to yell repeatedly at some point: nitazaa!(I will give birth).

Now, I must admit that it turned to be quite interesting. There was a beautiful lady sitting close to me. She had a beautiful voice too. But the way she declared right into my ear that she would give birth no matter what…

 There were other ladies around but I obviously seemed to be the target of her conviction. I thus  wondered what I had done to the pretty lady. Her ‘nitazaa’ was belligerent and explosive…

I was thus glad when the sermon ended. Next was a stroll around the place. It struck me that Kawangware in its decrepit state is such a fertile ground for faith matters. Churches all over. It must be a lucrative business in this part of the city – I thought.

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4 Comments on “Faith Matters”

  1. Edwin Says:

    bro, uko poa. I now realise what was missing in my life………

  2. Onkundi Misiga Says:

    Wow, infact I did not, even for a minute know that you are a talented writer till I read the ”Faith Matters”. Indeed it is a reflection of the neglected and ignored talents in the world. Never, never give up, one day you will reap the fruits. All the best in this field. Long live the Tears and Laughter blog

  3. raymer Chebosi Says:

    that is encouraging!keep it up!

  4. good job keep it up!

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