Nairobi’s security is at stake

Nairobi is nolonger safe these days. Muggers have courage to attack in broad day light!

Seen the pictures in today’s Daily Nation? How they mercilessly descended on the young man? Reports indicated that it even gets fatal. They even take life.

Chilling, isn’t it? So that is how bad Nairobi has deteriorated. Is there any plan of action? What is in store from the ministry of internal security? We want to maintain law and order in the city – are the police going to act on the pictures?

Yes – they were clear. Quite horrific to see how criminals usually do their thing. One thug’s hand I could see was searching the victim’s inner pants…

That testifies to the fact that Nairobi is becoming increasingly insecure. Why isn’t something being done? Are we waiting for these muggers to turn into a form of Mungiki for the police to act?

Hey, if there is someome in that docket with any will to act, do it now. Hunt for those goons. They will end up thumping their chests in victory if you do not go for them. They will claim to be celebrities for the media attention they got apart from their loot from the innocent victim.

So, hunt them down and arrest them. The pictures were clear – they never made any effort to hide their faces. Secondly,  keep vigil in those blacklisted areas. Keep vigil with loaded guns because those young goons can be very dangerous – reports indicate they that they can be too brave to take life. So increase patrols in those areas and save the innocent Nairobians from these thugs.

It is better we do these thins now before the city is taken over by these goons. Now that can attack from an open area such as Globe Round about sends home a loaded message – that something ought to be done.

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2 Comments on “Nairobi’s security is at stake”

  1. Joel Bulyar Says:

    The story has truely capture the trouble with our city.Congratulations keep it up .The flow of the story is captivating you keep your readers hooked.Bravo!

  2. raymer chebosi Says:

    thankGod ur cncerned

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