Falling in Love with Marsha and Math

My first time to fall in love with Math was very interesting.

I was sixteen and in form three while she was a raving beauty from the neighboring school.

It was not my appearance that impressed her for I never used to visit a barber or make friends with a comb and jokers used to claim that the bush on my head was a actually a real Amazon if not some sort of a Maasai Mara.

Well, big hair was a sign of being intelligent to many students. But for sure I was not an intelligent guy!

We met during Inter-school drama and poetry competitions in which I performed “The mathematician, a dramatic verse in which I featured as the main actor.

Marsha watched as I performed and concluded that I was a bright student especially in the Math subject. After my performance, she searched for me outside the hall and requested for an interview for she was a school journalist.

My response impressed her–I talked at length about my great poem and about my uncle’s plans to have my CD recorded in Hollywood. The interview took a romantic turn and I found myself caressing her behind the school buildings.

She was glad to fall in love with a man who was destined to fame. We assembled in the hall when the bell rang and we were both cocksure that I was going to be announced as the best overall actor in the school festivals.

So we later assembled for the results. The judge began by congratulating us for our talents. He then lashed at our weakness in some areas – and; to my astonishment the item I had performed was among the ones that needed serious improvement.

It was a real death sentence. My eyes became wet

“Don’t worry about it!” Marsha consoled.”After all, you are Hollywood material. The old judge is just proving to be jealous.”

My math teacher who happened to be part of the audience really had a glorious day. I saw him nod in approval to the judge’s comments. He even clapped his hands as looked towards my direction.

Only Marsha was there for me and I promised her that I was going to make it in future. Well, we have never met again. Math is still a challenge to me but there is one thing I have learned: being honest. Thus I am still befriending it – and I am sure one day I will make it. Then I will probably bump into my Math teacher or Marsha…


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4 Comments on “Falling in Love with Marsha and Math”

  1. Jenie Says:

    Great stuff bro!

  2. bagaka Says:

    perfect. not for a moment did i wink.

  3. enock rosana Says:

    this is real good stuff, keep them posted nmake sure the see the light of many on the daily newspapers..

  4. enock rosana Says:

    this is good stuff man. keep it up and make sure its sees the light of many in the daily newspapers..

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